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July, 2022 - The Maine Whoopie Pie Festival was a great success, with people excited to get out and enjoy an event!  I met so many very cool, excellent people.  This is one that I definitely plan to do next year.

Maine Whoopie Pie Festival, Dexter, ME

Upcoming Events

  • International Seaplane Fly-In, Greenville, ME Sept. 10-11, 2022. Information here 

  • Maine Harvest Festival, Cross Insurance Center, Bangor, ME.              November 19-20, 2022.                Information here

Moosehead Lake Artisans Village, Greenville, ME

For two days I was able to set up in a cute little cabin and meet people "up" in Greenville.  The Artisan's Village is re-starting after several years of closure and is in a new location with new opportunities.  Each Friday they are hosting a farmer's market, and local artisans will be showcasing work both Friday and all day Saturday.  I met many locals as well as travelers and the location was absolutely beautiful!

For more information on Moosehead Family Village, just click on the picture.


Bangor Sidewalk Art Festival, Bangor, ME

July 9, 2022:  The return of the Bangor Sidewalk Arts Festival was fantastic, and it was nice to show art in my own hometown.  I met so many groovy people, including other artists, local business owners, and town officials.  I also got LOTS of recommendations for places that I should "map".  

A real cartographer stopped by and we agreed that my art is not true cartography (which is ok with me), but he liked it a lot anyway.  He had an impressive background and it was cool to hear about his many years of work.


Alchemy I, mixed media on canvas, T. Giles, 2021

divine spark, mixed media on canvas, 20x16", T.giles, 2021
medera the alchemist, mixed media on canvas, 20x16", T. Giles, 2021