fracture lines series

'Fracture lines' is my current mixed-media series.  I would consider it highly experimental, but with a common theme and aesthetic running throughout.  Through the process of ripping paper, shredding fabric, harvesting words, layering paint, and other media,  I seek an end result that organically becomes a composition that urges reconciliation with nature, the raw edges, and soft moments of humanity, and our primitive selves.

The term 'fracture', for me, brings to mind a breaking apart of something that was once cohesive.  In current times, with fractures being exposed in so many places, I feel like I can make cohesive the pieces of the world around me, both natural and "unnatural", as I work through each composition.

EARTH MOTHER, mixed media on corrugated board, T. Giles, 2020

Maine as place through illustrative cartography

What started out as a gift for friends has grown into a passion for creating these hand-illustrated maps.  The combination of local wildlife, geographic features, and the human connections to each place is a part of the driving force behind these one-of-a-kind maps.  I would truly enjoy communicating with anyone interested in commissioning one of these unique, beautiful maps, in order to hear your stories about a beloved place.

migrants want, mixed media on  canvas, 20x16", T. Giles, 2020

Alchemy I, mixed media on canvas, T. Giles, 2021

divine spark, mixed media on canvas, 20x16", T.giles, 2021
medera the alchemist, mixed media on canvas, 20x16", T. Giles, 2021