fracture lines series

Fracture lines is my current mixed media series.  I would consider it highly experimental, but with common ribbons of theme and aesthetic running throughout.  Ripping paper, shredding fabric, layering cracks, and harvesting words...  The end result, organically, seems to become a composition that urges a reconciliation with nature, humanity, and our primitive selves.

The term 'fracture', for me, brings to mind a breaking apart of something that was once cohesive.  In current times, with fractures being exposed in so many places, I feel pieces of the world around me, both natural and unnatural, as I work through each composition.

Thank you for allowing me to share this body of work with you.

EARTH MOTHER, mixed media on corrugated board, T. Giles, 2020
migrants want, mixed media on  canvas, 20x16", T. Giles, 2020

Working new series:  alchemy


“Transmutation” is the key word characterizing alchemy, and it may be understood in several ways: in the changes that are called chemical, in physiological changes such as passing from sickness to health, in a hoped-for transformation from old age to youth, or even in passing from an earthly to a supernatural existence. Alchemical changes seem always to have been positive, never involving degradation except as an intermediate stage in a process having a “happy ending.” Alchemy aimed at the great human “goods”: wealth, longevity, and immortality. (Encyclopedia Britannica)

The ancient practice of alchemy is, perhaps, one of the earliest attempts to combine science and magic.  The colors, symbols, and mysteries that come to my mind when I put pictures to the word currently drive a creative process leading to this next series.

My research has also found that several women, and likely many more unnamed, represented a driving force behind alchemic investigations, and the ongoing pursuit of 'the philosopher's stone', through which simpler metals could be turned to silver or gold.

Transmutation, Mixed media on canvas, 20x16", T. Giles, 2021

What started out as a gift for friends has grown into a series of ideas for hand-illustrated maps.  The opportunity to add my passion for natural science to each project is a part of the driving force behind these one-of-a-kind maps.  I am hoping to have some personalization for anyone interested in commissioning one of these unique, beautiful maps.


Alchemy I, mixed media on canvas, T. Giles, 2021

divine spark, mixed media on canvas, 20x16", T.giles, 2021
medera the alchemist, mixed media on canvas, 20x16", T. Giles, 2021